What is athleisure?

What is Athleisure? A style of clothing worn as athletic apparel but also suitable for casual everyday wear.

What was once a buzzword is now here to stay. Athleisure brings the best of both worlds, comfort and versatility to your wardrobe and overall daily style.

Think of it as gym-to-the-office look or yoga-to-running-errands look. It’s the “new casual” that allows you to incorporate your workout clothing with your regular street clothing and can even transition into your out on the town clothing. It’s the perfect blend of style and functionality that can be used in your everyday look.

How to athleisure

So how can you incorporate athleisure into your daily style? Athleisure clothing are workout pieces (leggings, tops, bras, sneakers) that are just as chic as the rest of your wardrobe. The key is finding balance on the spectrum of baggy and worn out gym clothes to your everyday street wear look.

Keep these five tips in mind for your athleisure look…



Especially if your athleisure pieces are more neutral colors, don’t be afraid to add accessories to your look in order to make more of a statement. From a jean jacket to a hat, jewelry or sunglasses, look in your wardrobe to find what pieces best match your athleisure outfit. You’ll be surprised how much a hat or fashion backpack can add to your overall outfit.

Statement leggings

Statement Leggings

Leggings with intricate designs and patterns are a great way to dress up your athleisure outfit. A neutral top can complement your figure as well.

Show off your bra

Show off Your Bra

Create athleisure looks that are not afraid to show a sneak peek of your fashionable sports bra, such as a low v-neck shirt or boat neck shirt. Plus, you’re getting the added support and comfort while still looking trendy. Going out for the night? Try a flattering sports bra with comfortable gypsy pants paired with heels.



Be sure to pair your athleisure look with bright and colorful sneakers that match an accent color in your leggings or top. Fashionable sneakers are also great to add to a t-shirt dress or skirt.

Invest in comfortable material

Invest in Comfort

The key to athleisure is being comfortable in your own clothes. Onzie’s athleisure pieces are made with quick-drying, lightweight spandex and jersey blends that are designed to move and breathe with you. Plus our athleisure wear comes in various modern and classy styles to help you look your best at the gym or at the office.

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