Black Line

Onzie Black Line

Born and raised in Venice Beach, CA, Onzie Active Apparel has always been influenced by our surroundings. From the hustle and bustle of the boardwalk to the boutique fitness studios around the corner from our headquarters, our hood is our heart. Known for our seasonal printed pieces, Onzie also has a classic side featuring staple black silhouettes. For our Black Line collaboration, we chose to bring in a local photographer, Franz Steiner.

Don’t be fooled by his German accent; Franz is all encompassing of the Venice vibe. Franz’s attachment to Venice is that of a second home. He moved to the eclectic Venice community 15 years ago and launched the local creative retouching, CGI and photography boutique steiner creative.

His unique photographic portrayal of the Venice culture caught our attention. In true Franz fashion, the collaboration with Onzie took to the beach. With an intimate crew and strategic vision, Franz shot all of the pieces in under 12 hours, during sunrise and sunset. Onzie’s Black Line coupled with Franz’s lens has generated pieces of art that not only depict Venice but moreover, wearable, thoughtfully made athletic wear that brings out the inner Venice vibe in everyone.

Check out more of Franz’s Venice vibe @steiner.creative.