Celebrating your Day of Self-Love

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Welcome to your day of Self-Love! Valentine's day is a beautiful reminder to celebrate the immense power of love; platonic love, family love, motherly love, romantic love, and self-love.

Self-Love Mantra

I feel love
I think love
I create love
I inspire love
I am love

We’re here to say that the love train has left the station and is going full speed ahead, fueled by self-love, self expression, and self-respect. We teamed up with our favorite loving brands who represent the immense important of self-care, to bring you an incredible...


Our Self-Love GIVEAWAY features prizes for every part of your Day of Self-Love

Here are 5 ways to boost your Self-Love during V-Day!


Boost your mood and get your endorphins flowing with a morning workout! Sweat it out in your favorite Onzie pieces – from a morning yoga flow, beach run, to a high intensity barre sculpt class, our Curvy Geo set will have you feeling full of love and admiration for your body! Grab a friend to double your workout fun.


Get your glow on with an organic facial routine from OSEA Malibu. Start with the all natural seaweed ocean cleanser, massaging into damp skin and rinsing with warm water. Next, give your skin a refreshing lift with the sea minerals toner – perfect for before going into the sun. Finally, protect your precious skin with Atmosphere Protection Cream, which deeply moisturizes, firms, and protects the skin from environmental stressors.


Treat yourself with beautiful handmade jewelry from James Michelle. Handcrafted, each piece is one of a kind and embodies the magic of mother nature, drawing inspiration from the ocean to the desert. May this piece bring you love, peace, and good luck all day long – playing as a constant reminder that you are as precious and as powerful as Mother Nature herself.


Take time to meditate with a rose quart crystal from The Crystal Boutique. Rose Quartz is a high vibrational stone which is associated with the heart chakra. A powerful healer, Rose Quartz helps to open the heart and allow for unconditional love for oneself and others to flow. This beautiful pink stone also attracts new love that is your vibrational match. Try wearing one inside your jean pocket and see what new love comes your way!


End the day with a gratitude bubble bath featuring RX Candles. After a long day of self love, you’re ready to close your day with a beautifully scented bath. And what is more luxurious than a bubble bath with candles?! As you lay peacefully in your bath, close your eyes and think of 5 things you are grateful for. Your list can include friends, family, loved ones, your home, your job, your health…anything that brings gratitude into your heart. And don’t forget to express gratitude for yourself!

SELF-LOVE GIVEAWAY Prize Pack includes:

ONZIE High Neck Elastic Bra and High Basic Midi Legging both in Curvy Geo print, RX Candles, OSEA Malibu cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, Rose Quartz Sphere from the Crystal Boutique, and $150 gift card to James Michelle Jewelry.

Want to win? Check out our latest Instagram post to enter!

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