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Are You Thinking of Becoming a Yoga Teacher?

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Today people seek to find quiet in their lives. With quiet comes peace. Whether it is peace of mind, spirit, or mood, quiet and peace are the foundations for many to develop better lives. One way many people look to attain peace in their lives in through yoga.

U.S. yoga practitioners have increased to over 36 million, up from 20.4 million in 2012. As more and more individuals become yogis, this is a great time to consider becoming a yoga teacher! There are a number of different types of yoga you can study and share with your students.

Yoga Teacher Requirements

There are several requirements to becoming a yoga teacher, however, there is also an opportunity to reach a higher level of consciousness and help others along the way. When the body is open and the mind is relaxed wonderful things can happen.

While there is no requirement for certification, most gyms, yoga studios, and other locations will ask for some proof of ability, which often means certification. When teaching yoga, you need to have a strong understanding of anatomy and how to accommodate students with physical limitations. Many times, students will ask about the qualifications of the teachers of the studio or gym they attend and certification is an important way to show you have made the investment in yourself to share your love of yoga with others so they have a meaningful practice.

Yoga teacher training is a time commitment. Depending on the form of training you choose, it can take up to one year. While there is nothing that says you need to be “certified,” most schools today prefer to work with certified yoga instructors.

You need to make sure you put money aside to complete your training program. The average cost of a yoga 200-hour teacher certification program is $3,500. Each training program will handle payment in different ways. For example, some may want the entire payment upfront, while others will allow monthly payments. It is important to understand all the school’s costs, fees, and policies prior to signing up to begin your training.

While a yoga certification does not require a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) certification, it is an important skill and certification to hold. Emergencies do happen and often someone with knowledge of CPR is the difference between life and death.


If you are a professional yoga teacher, yoga insurance is a must. While yoga is considered safe, the risk of injury is always possible, just as in any physical activity. Reputable gyms and yoga studios will have general liability coverage, but it may not cover each individual instructor. You will need yoga instructor insurance to protect yourself.

Continuing Education

Once you finish your 200-hour yoga teacher training and are a certified yoga instructor, you can begin to share your knowledge with your students. It is important, however, to continuously learn in order to gain a deeper level of knowledge and help your students develop a meaningful practice. Whenever you are able, attend workshops, conferences, and festivals. Whenever you grow your circle of fellow practitioners, you gain new perspectives on different programs and how you may apply that new information to your own practice. It is also important to develop your own home-based practice. Remember: to be a better teacher, it is important to remember how to be a student.


There are many benefits to becoming a certified yoga teacher. Not only can you share the blessings of yoga with others, but you will gain a deeper self-practice. You can earn a living doing something you love. You will expand your yoga family and learn from your fellow yogis. Additionally, you will deepen your level of spirituality as it relates to your own practice.


There are many different reasons why you may consider becoming a yoga teacher. One of the greatest joys you will gain is sharing your knowledge with your students so they may gain a deeper level of enlightenment to help quiet the mind and find inner peace.

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