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We don't know about you, but to us, spending money on a costume that you'll only use once kind of sucks. So we thought we'd style some of our favorite pieces that are not only easy and perfect for Halloween, but will spice up your lifestyle and activewear wardrobe on any day. All you have to do is grab your squad, a few cute accessories and you're all set!

Hippie: Groovy baby! Connect with your inner flower child by wearing our sleeveless crop top in black, bell pant in fast flower and adding a flower crown, crochet vest and a cute pair of chunky heels or wedges!

Army Brat: Drop and give me twenty, soldier! Get boot camp ready by sporting our elastic band bra and high rise bondage legging in moss camo. Or, check out any of our camo print pieces to mix and match!

Nymph: Transform into a forest fairy by adding a pair of wings, a masquerade mask and a bit of fairy dust to our high rise graphic legging and graphic elastic bra in the Delicate print!

Leopard: Rawr! Channel your animalistic nature by combining our peek-a-boo racer in black and high rise legging in leopard plus a pair of cat ears and black boots! Meow!

Biker Chick: Rev up the engines and grab your favorite band tee and leather jacket for this moto look! All you need is a pair of our high rise shred midis in black to look bad ass this Halloween!

Halloween Spirit: Obsessed with Halloween? Get in the Halloween spirit by rocking our capri pant in skull, chic bra in black and twist back top in white. Simple orange accessories round out this outfit and will get everyone pumped in October!