2019: The Year Of Why

When you look at successful people in your field of interest, it is not how they do what they do, but rather why. Why do people become healers, teachers, artists… to fill their purpose. And to fulfill your purpose, you must ask why.
For this new year, it is no longer about how you are going to be successful, but why you are going to be successful.
Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you prepare for this new and incredible year from our favorite motivating guru, Tony Robbins.


What am I here to serve as my purpose?
This question is not easy. But it’s crucial. Instead of thinking, I want to be richer, smarter or more successful, try to tap into your true internal drive.
What is my deepest core passion?
Once you’ve identified what you’re here to serve, connect to your core passion. Ask yourself why you want to pursue it.
“The most successful people on earth know what they’re here to deliver and they know why,” Robbins says. “And then you figure out the how.”
What resources are available to me?
Before taking action, figure out what assets are at your disposal. What brilliant minds do you have access to? Who can you consult for advice? What can you read, absorb and take in that will help you on your path?
What do I need to change in myself?
Where am I stopping myself from succeeding. Is it procrastination, fear, uncertainty? Embrace them all and step into your biggest and fullest power!