An Opportunity To Reset

During these trying times, Onzie believes that we have the power to create sacred change and an opportunity to reconnect with our inner selves and those we love. Even through panic and uncertainty, there is a level of calmness, a reminder that we are all recalibrating and leveling up. The earth, from a cellular and energetic standpoint, is recharging, with blue skies being seen over China for the first time in years and the Adriatic Sea seeing clarity and fish return. These are signs that mother earth is healing just as we are. They say that if you unplug something, it will usually reset, including yourself. We are being asked (forced more like) to unplug from the outer world and re-plug into our sense of purpose, intention, integrity, and mindfulness
Like anything in life, it is our perception of a situation that most deeply affects us. We choose to look at this reset as an opportunity to step back into our natural state of being. Remember that we are all in this together, so Onzie put together our 5 steps to being more mindful during this time.
So take off your anxiety and throw on a pair of comfy Onzie women's yoga leggings, and let’s make this moment something special.

  1. BE MINDFUL: Respect that everyone is going to be affected and react differently to this trying time. Be mindful of those that need to create distance for safety, and remember that we are all in this together.
  2. CREATE A DAILY ROUTINE: Feel fabulous even when you’re in pajamas or in our women's comfy loungewear. Create a schedule for yourself, getting up at the same time each day, prioritizing movement, healthy eating, alone time, and socializing (from a safe distance of course). Most people are now working from home, so make sure to set up normal office hours, and be okay setting up boundaries of when you are and are not available.

  3. PRIORITIZE HEALTH: Our immune systems are our most important asset against diseases. Stress is a huge deterrent of a healthy immune system. Take deep breaths, drink antioxidant rich juices with lemon, garlic, and turmeric, and get plenty of sleep.

  4. TAKE A PAUSE: When you are feeling overwhelmed, simply close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Know that you are safe, you are taken care of, and you are supported.
  5. CONNECT: Modern technology makes it easy to stay in touch even while social distancing. Call up relatives, friends, and keep conversations authentic. We are all in this together.