Aquarius Season Horoscopes

January 20th - February 21st


Aries - It’s time to connect with your social circle. Every leader needs to run ideas and get inspired by their entourage as well as society. This season reminds you that team work will guide you to push forward. Take trips to the museum to see how society’s subconscious can bring forth your wild creative side of thoughts and emotions.


Taurus - The Aquarius sun shines bright in your 10th house of ambitions. You are ready to get focused and make your goals for the year. Take this season to listen to your heart about what success means to you, because it might be different than what society has been telling you. Be proud of the achievements you have made these past few years because once you see how far you have come, the easier it is to move forward.


Gemini - Are you ready to see your future? As Aquarius season allows you to break free and expand your thoughts in a bigger picture. It’s like sitting on the mountain top watching the sun rise before it lights up the city. You can see your dreams clearly and its time to take a leap of faith into them. You’ll be ready to travel through space and time to make your passions a reality.


Cancer - This season you may feel a little more private and want to share your deep thoughts with your soulmates. It’s a great time to find an internal bond with yourself and really listen to your deepest emotions. Focus on your top priorities and cut out the distractions to stay in alignment. Your sign will find great comfort staying in your own world for the next four weeks.


Leo - Hey Leo, every Queen needs her King as this season is all about partnerships, whether romantic or business. Soak in the powers of two as you learn about balance and co-creating the world around you. Teaming up can lead to a world of new possibilities.


Virgo - You will feel right at home this Aquarius season as it falls in your 6th house of getting organized (your favorite hobby). Declutter, de-friend and dive deep into finding a new health routine. Physical fitness is on your mind so make sure you have a schedule of your daily activities. Organization always sets you up for success.


Libra - Time to tap into some creative energy as the sun blazes through your 5th house of playful self expression and romance. This is your season to let go and have some fun. Waking up from this winter slumber will have you ready to flirt with others and your ideas that you have been nurturing. Curl up with someone that triggers love in your heart and spend a night coloring or drawing whatever comes to mind.


Scorpio - This season is a perfect time for you to slow down and get grounded. A lot has happened over the holidays and you are ready for some quiet time. You’ll be feeling like staying home with a good book and wanting to visit your family on the weekends to connect with your roots. Breathe and find some emotional balance to cradle you these next four weeks.


Sagittarius - You are always dreaming of the future and now it’s finally time to tell your community and friends about your big ideas. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it took a village to complete, so allow your network to support you. Your dreams can come true if you are flexible with the plans to get there and communicate clear step by step actions. Support others and they will support you.


Capricorn - Time to come down from the mountain top and get grounded with the new you. What are your new values for this year ahead? What environment do you see yourself flourishing in? Time to get serious about the new you and the journey ahead.


Aquarius - It’s your season! Time to celebrate your new self and the start of a new cycle. Where do you see yourself one year from now? What is one thing you are going to cross off your bucket list? All eyes will be on you as we are all ready to be rebels and want to follow your lead Aquarius! Since we are in an Aquarian age, this is your time to step it up for the world.


Pisces - Time to restore your soul. This is your season to do some spiritual healing and close those doors from last year. In four weeks the shining stage will be yours, so you will need to prepare by going over your lines and doing some soul searching. Release the past and make way for a whole new fish in the sea.


By @kelleyandthecosmos