Aries Season Horoscopes

March 21st - April 19th
Aries- No one is more ready for spring than an Aries who has been patiently (or maybe not so patiently) waiting to be showered with flowers as your season finally blooms. This is a great time for a fresh new start, so start planting your seeds of intentions of how you wish to grow this year. What dreams do you want to achieve by your next birthday?
Taurus- It’s your season to rest up and clean up. Take these next four weeks to clear out the old you. Let go of old clothes, thoughts and people that are not supporting you to be your best. Allow yourself to lay low, because in four weeks all eyes will be on you.
Gemini- Time to gather the tribe! This is a great time for Gemini’s to dive into group activities. From yoga retreats to volunteering planting trees, this energy will spark you to be involved in social causes. It’s team effort for these next four weeks!
Cancer- Here comes the sun! These next four weeks light up your house of career and success, so let the good news bloom. Make sure to connect with others who are on the same page as you that want your mission to be heard. Set your goals high and go after your dreams!
Leo- Where to lion? Travel and adventure will spice up these next four weeks, having you wanting to explore and learn something new. Take your time to research your next jungle retreat or maybe a spiritual destination is calling. Get outside and read a book next to the flowers to help ground you in your quest.
Virgo- Time to dive into your mind-body-soul connection as these next four weeks ignite deep bonding relationships. Focus on your root chakra while meditating to get in touch with your life-force energy. Light candles and incense and share your deepest desires with whom you trust.
Libra- Time to partner up as the sun moves into our relationship house. These next four weeks you will see your reflection in the traits of your closest bonds. Look at what is being reflected back at you and see what you notice. What lesson are you learning? If you are feeling low energy, Aries is your opposite sign, go easy on yourself. :)
Scorpio- Spring has sprung and got you amped up to get your healthy lifestyle back. Sunrise yoga, hikes through the blooming flowers and celery juice will be what you’re craving. Get your spring routine down to help keep you motivated.
Sagittarius- Love is in the air! This is your season to tap into the goddess energy of Aphrodite. Carve out time for some self-care, from spa days to picking up a few new sun dresses. Your love arrows will be piercing the hearts of admirers around.  
Capricorn- It may be Spring, but you will be feeling like you want to cozy up in your nest for the next four weeks as this Aries Sun lights up your home. This will be a good time to do some spring cleaning or spend more time with your family. Get grounded, stay home and get in touch with your roots.
Aquarius- Inspiration has arrived! Your mind will be buzzing so write down your ideas and dreams or even better yet gather your friends and share what you’ve been wanting to create. This is also a great time to check out your local community center for events and meet like-minded spirits. You’ll be feeling like a social butterfly fresh out of the cocoon.  
Pisces- As you say goodbye to your birthday season, you can now get practical with your birthday wishes and get focused on the ideas you can take action on. This season work starts picking up, which will have the money rolling in and you will be feeling like your swimming with the current.
By @kelleyandthecomos