Beach to Mat : Malibu Yoga With Onzie

We all love yoga clothing. And who wouldn't? They’re comfortable, stretchy, and oh so cute...the perfect combination. So, this summer we are taking our favorite pieces from the mat to the sand! As a Venice-made brand, Onzie is all about embracing our authentic beach style, and what better way than taking our home practice to the shores of Malibu. We spent the day with Topanga-based yogini Codi Jane (@codijane), as she showed us how to style her favorite pieces from the Onzie Summer Collection for some seaside yoga poses, a dip in the ocean, and catching the Cali sunset.
It’s time for a morning stretch. As the days get hotter, I love going to the beach to do my home practice. When it’s too warm for yoga pants, I like to opt for a pair of La Coqueta Shorts and the Heart Bra, which has just the right amount of coverage. To start my morning practice, I always begin with heart openers - stretching the internal organs as well as the soft tissues of the body to help alleviate any stiffness that occurred during the night’s sleep. Eagle pose (with arms and legs) wrings out the internal organs and helps to diminish cellulite. It helps me to find my center and create a sense of balance to start my day.
Next, it’s time to jump in the ocean! Salt water is not only good for the body, but good for the soul. The ocean has amazing healing properties as it alchemizes the body, removes inflammation, detoxifies, and can help heal open cuts and even alleviate depression. I love how my Shortie One Piece easily transitions from a hot yoga piece to a bathing suit! I can't help but do a few inversions before jumping into the crystal-clear waters!
After the ocean, it’s time for a little cardio burst. Nothing gets my heart rate up like a beach run. On these hotter days, pants are too warm to work out in, especially so close to the ocean! I throw on my favorite Mesh 2-In-1 Shorts because they allow my body to breathe and work with the natural flow of my form as I run. I’m always mindful to keep my breasts secure when I go for runs, so the Pyramid Bra with its support and strappy back is a favorite. Plus, it even looks like a bikini win.
Now it’s time get quiet. When my body has been nourished with movement, my mind is fully open to stillness. I head to my favorite secret Malibu beach to meditate and practice just being. Being comfortable is a big factor for me, so I love settling down for a long meditation break in my Yoga Dress or Tica Romper.
Ending the day filled with gratitude is my favorite way to end the day.
Thank you for spending the day with us and exploring our mat to beach looks. May this be your healthiest and happiest summer!