Best Mental Health Apps For The Healthiest + Happiest You!

Did you know that over 48 million adults in the United States suffer from mental health conditions every year? That’s one in every five adults! With the immense stresses of our modern society, the pressure to have the perfect job, find the perfect soulmate, have the perfect body... the list of unrealistic standards we are faced with from birth are endless. Our society has forgotten the power of play, of creativity, of rest, and the art of doing “nothing”. The space to dream, grow, rest, and explore are extremely therapeutic, yet we are rarely allowed time to practice these sites of “un-being”. Instead, we are forced from a young age to conform... conform to our gender roles, age roles, demographic roles, and this has made us very unhappy.
The shift of mental health is in full swing, as eastern medicine techniques such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and nature therapy have emerged to accompany western health care providers. And this month alone, we have lost two incredibly talented creators and visionaries, who were top in their perspective fields, it is even more evident that mental health goes beyond skin deep. Anxiety, depression, and crippling negative thoughts can affect both the body and the mind, making daily tasks like getting out of bed challenging. But there is help! We have compiled some of the best mental health apps that can help to track your moods, boost self-esteem, and even compile talking points to bring to your therapist, doctor, or guru.
#1. Moodpath: (Free for Android + iPhone)
Moodpath is rated in the top 25 health apps and their goal is to offer support during difficult moments and guide you through to the light.
With daily questions to assess your well-being, Moodpath aims to screen for symptoms of depression, helping you to become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.
Our favorite part is that after a 2-week period, Moodpath generates an electronic document that you can discuss with a healthcare professional.
#2. 7 Cups: (Free for Android + iPhone)
A big trigger of depression is feeling alienated. When we are feeling unworthy, ashamed, or confused, we often shut ourselves off from the world. 7 Cups steps in to fill this void, providing over 160,000 trained listeners and licensed therapists who are available to anonymously speak with 24/7. This safe space is created to give solace to users without the fear of being judged.
Search for your listener based on their experience or specialties, such as bullying, panic attacks, eating disorders, relationship breakups, and many more.
#3. Anxiety Relief Hypnosis: (Free for Android + iPhone)
Before bed, or anytime during the day, this Hypnosis based app is designed to relax, reset, and improve your behavior and response to stress and stressful situations.
This soothing app features audio sessions read by certified hypnotherapists, paired with calming music or sounds of nature, to create a deep sense of calm.
#4. Calm: (Free for Android + iPhone)
This award-winning app was named Apple’s “App of the Year” and is designed to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and help users to feel happier.
Calm focuses on the four key areas of meditation, breathing, sleep, and relaxation, with the aim of bringing joy, clarity, and peace to your daily life.
Know that you are not alone and that there are many places you can turn to if you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, and depressed.
Love Always,