Capricorn Season Horoscopes

December 21st - January 21st

Aries- As the sun moves into Capricorn your ambitions run wild. You are ready to make big plans for the new year. Having goals and new ways of tackling your new projects will fill your holidays. Inspiration will be at every turn, making you realize a bigger picture for your future and it may involve leaving behind what you used to call home.

Taurus- Look who can’t sit still! This season, travel and exploring will take you around the world. As the new year approaches you might be ready to spend it in a new city or with a new crew and dive into new ways of learning. Classes, workshops and books will help you grow into the NEW you for 2019.

Gemini- This season Gemini’s get very picky about who they spend their time with. Choose those who you have a deep connection with as they feel more like your family. This season is a great time to retreat by the fire and meditate. Read books, get lost journaling and get into the mood of spiritual magic help guide you into the new year.

Cancer- You will be feeling great this season as the last full moon of the year is in your sign! As you enter into capricorn season you will be feeling great about YOU, but it won’t be all about you for long. It’s time to cozy up and couple up as partnerships will be pulling at your heart this season. Spending quality time will be the best gift you can give your relationships. Business relationships may even be sparkling with hope as you enter the new year.

Leo- It’s all about eating healthy for the holidays, as you love proving that you have willpower to say no to holiday cookies and say yes to yoga the day after new years. You will be in a mood to organize and plan out 2019 with your health and fitness goals in mind. Taking a hike in nature for the new year is exactly how Leos like to feel on top of their world.

Virgo- This is your season for some passion, romance and a little fame to boost your mood as you say goodbye to 2018 with a little holiday love affaire of your life. It brings all eyes on you as people are starting to see what kind of magic you really had been creating this year. Make sure you take some time to let the burning fire inside keep you focused on all your passion projects, don’t just get lost in one. There’s a lot of love you need to be sharing with the world and maybe your partner this season.

Libra- Spend some extra bonding time with your family this season, as Libras are the ones to remind us of what the holidays are about. You will be feeling excited to catch up with your female cousins and close friends as we enter the new year. Show others how candlelight dinners and homemade gifts really pull family together.

Scorpio- Here comes the social starlight! This season you love spending the holidays chatting up your inner circle and bonding with your siblings. For new years, share stories of 2018 and wrap it up with your new goals and ideas for projects. This will be a great way to feel good about entering into 2019 with a playful plan of how you could be having a fun exciting year.

Sagittarius- It’s time to come down from the top of the christmas tree as you had your shining moment and are ready to get grounded with who you are becoming. This season your new years goals are around what you really value in your life. You are finding your self worth and ready for 2019 to be a more settled you. With Jupiter at home in your sign, you are about to have a magical year of growth and abundance. Luck is on your side.

Capricorn- Look who is on top of the mountain now! All eyes will be on you as it’s your season. With Pluto and your home planet Saturn both in Capricorn it will unlock golden opportunities and a confetti stream of magic. Focus on your new goals and wishes for 2019. Your sign knows best how to work hard to achieve them so get a plan down on how you can execute a great year ahead.

Aquarius- It’s time to detox 2018 and find ways of healing. This is your season to declutter, relax and retreat by the fire. Let go of all that isn’t going to serve you before your birthday season next month. This is a great time to connect to a spiritual practice to uncover what you are really searching for as well as calm yourself down from such an intense year. How beautiful does a meditation by the fire or a hot bath sound to help you connect to earth’s power elements of healing.

Pisces- It’s time to gather your tribe for some festive fun! We are all waiting for our Piscean friends to invite us to all things magical, fun and creative this season. If you can’t get your crew together before the holidays, there is always a new years goal writing workshop, or a vision board craft night you can set up. Sometimes there is no better way than to start off a new year being around your closest dearest friends who are all down to socialize in your splendor.



By @kelleyandthecomos