Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day was founded in 1970 as a day of education about environmental issues and a day to celebrate green living. In our current world every day feels like Earth Day, with more and more companies moving towards sustainable products and packaging, more and more consumers eating locally and organically, and governments supporting their communities green movements.
Here at Onzie, we are big believers in green living. From riding our bikes to work, to creating our Sustainable Soul collection, which uses recycled materials to create the most breathable and comfortable collection yet.
Here are our favorite ways to celebrate during quarantine.
Start a Garden:
Whether you live in an apartment or a house, start a little garden. Most hardware stores are still open and have garden sections. Planting veggies, lavender, roses, butterfly plants, and succulents are all ways to help increase the Earth’s production of oxygen and gives one a beautiful purpose outside of ourselves.
Walk and Bike:
Many of us are already cutting out our time during our commutes. Take this to the next level and bike or walk to your local grocery store.
Shop Ethically:
Support local companies who are making an impact when it comes to sustainable fashion, clean beauty, and organic foods. From organic feminine products, to sustainable activewear, the little changes we make each day can have a huge influence.