Celebrating Friendsgiving

We have so much to be grateful for this year... so many new opportunities, so many new connections within our Onzie community, and so much growth. We wanted to share the love and celebrate with our amazing community of yoginis, teachers, healers, creators, and all-around goddesses at our Annual Onzie Friendsgiving.
As Onzie was born and raised in Venice, we thought what better place to celebrate our gratitude then the place that has been our home! Set in a beautiful loft in Venice, we set the scene with a plastic free brunch. With delicious gluten free pastries, dairy-free coconut parfaits, and vegetarian burritos, our beautiful guests were able to enjoy healthy and wholesome food to start our event. Each guest was given our softest Weekend sweat set (the Weekend Crop Hoodie and Weekend Sweatpant in Zebra), which made us all feel that we were at a friends house for a slumber party. What was so special about this was that a few of our guests shared that they had experienced anxiety before attending the event, as they didn’t know what to wear or how to dress up. They felt immediate relief and peace seeing that everyone was equal in the same cozy sweatpants and sweatshirts. It was a reminder that it is not how we look but the energy we bring that truly matters.
We headed upstairs to the zen loft, where our beautiful guests were led through a guided meditation with healer Karly Ryan. They were guided to be grounded, and allow the healing energy of reiki to bring them fully into themselves. Next they envisioned their highest selves and were asked to meet their spirit guides. The meditation ended with a best-self journaling exercise where each goddess answered questions about what brings them the most joy, what success looks like to them, and how they envision themselves in the current moment and as their best self. To end our session, our intentions were wrapped up in palo santo kits, including selenite wands, lavender, and hand written intentions.
We are so honored to have shared space with the amazing women in our Onzie community, and have them experience a safe place to simply be themselves.
What does gratitude mean to you?