Dance of Liberation™: A Seven Step Guide to a Life of Joy, Vitality and Purpose

Dance is an essential part of our human quest for meaning, purpose, and a joyful way of living in the body that has been part of cultures around the world throughout history. The structured methodology of Dance of Liberation™ offers a systematic and cross-cultural approach grounded in tradition yet accessible to dancers and non dancers searching. DOL offers a sacred container with an easy-to-follow methodology for living a modern life of purpose and connection. The 7 foundations of DOL are a map that guides people to live their lives to the fullest with commitment and accountability. While dance is obviously one component of this approach (one of the 7 foundations), the DOL formula is available to everyone, whether or not they think they can dance.

Photo by Alegria Ford.

Self-help or transformational techniques that neglect or bypass the body miss the most important part of what it means to live this human life. In the world today, people need embodied practices that promote fulfillment, joy, vitality, and purpose.

DOL is a structured methodology so that people can inquire, explore and discover their mission. The 7 foundations offers the tools to develop and maintain and sustain on an ongoing basis.

Seven Foundation of Dance of Liberation™:

  1. Sanctuary: Creating Sacred Space
  2. The Power of Intention
  3. The Blindfold: Insight
  4. Embodied Breath
  5. Music: Attunement
  6. Dance of Life
  7. Integration & Service

Photo by Alegria Ford.

Sacred Space is the first step in creating a physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually safe space in which transformation begins. This process is the kernel of the more encompassing question with which we are faced: what is the personal stage on which we are actually living our lives? On which we are standing, moving, dressing, eating, washing, conversing, sleeping?

  • What messages does our space convey to us, and to others who enter it?
  • How do we actually feel in it? What gives us pleasure? What makes us uneasy?
  • What does it reveal to us about ourselves, our history, our aspirations, our present reality?
  • How do we clear up what in the space is just clutter?
  • How do we discover what, in our space, actually hinders us, thwarts us from being who we aspire to be?

Photo by Alegria Ford.

In the Native American tradition, they have the Giveaway Ceremony. A way of letting go of that which we no longer really want or need in our lives. Discover your sacred ground and create sacred space by giving away, donating, gifting or handing what you know longer need.


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