Energy Healing

"You are everything. If you are healing yourself, you heal everything."
In all major countries around the world, the idea of energy is the same. Though called by different names, life giving energy is the cornerstone to the existence of all living things. From the smallest ant to the largest elephant, and everything in between, energy is our life giver.
Reiki is the Japanese word meaning “spiritual energy” or “universal life force energy”. It is the releasing of Ki, or the life force energy that permeates all living things. It is the same Chi that runs through our chakras, making up the great energetic snake of Kundalini.
Created by a Buddhist man named Dr. Usu, Reiki combines physical healing with spiritual healing. During a profound experience of enlightenment on Mount Kurama in Japan, Dr. Usai received ancient symbols of wisdom in the form of visions, which now make up the healing symbols of Reiki.
The fundamentals of Reiki and energy healing goes far beyond that of the physical practice. It calls on the practioners to live by a sacred way of life, following in the following mantras.
Just today:
Don’t get angry
Don’t worry
Show appreciation & be grateful
Work hard on yourself
Be kind to others
By instilling these principals, healing is able to be deeply formulated within the reiker teacher, and is transmitted and shared with their patients in a holistic cosmic level.
There are three levels of Reiki healers:
First Degree or Reiki 1: An attunement to open your higher healing channel and allow the Reiki healing energy to glow through you. This level has an emphasis on self-healing. You are taught the basics on how to perform reiki on friends and family, but are not advised to full practice just yet.
Second Degree or Reiki 2: One or two more reiki attunements, as well as learning more about how to perform Reiki as a professional practice. You will be taught how to draw the sacred symbols, which have been passed down for generations, including the Power Symbol, the Harmony Symbol, the Distance Symbol, all created from ancient Sanskrit and Japanese symbols. You will be taught hands on healing.
Third Degree or Reiki 3 Master: This is the highest level of Reiki, that of the Reiki Master and Teacher. Often times this is taught as an apprenticeship along a Reiki master, learning the skills and mindfulness of a Reiki teacher. This is a key part of self mastery, as nothing can ever be truly mastered, except the self.
Reiki attunement is required to become a Reiki teacher. Attunement actually involves “reopening” or strengthening existing channels to our enlightened selves, also known as our Soul, Spiritual, and Higher Self. These channels are a part of us from the beginning of time, and Reiki helps to reopen and strengthen them.
Reiki is able to move blockages from chakras, help heal deep traumas, connect the patient to their guides and be open to the clarity of their life purpose. The aura is an important part to reiki, as it is the spiritual energy which is present around us since birth. Auras can be damaged by dramas and heart aches, and reiki is able to restore the aura and life giving energy to its natural and highest state.
Knowing that reiki, and life giving Ki, is a part of all of us, no matter our level of attunement is a beautiful truth. With it, we are able to see that reiki is a part of your higher self and your soul. The Higher Self is an even higher and finer vibration than your aura, and it is absolutely pure, loving, and wise, and is totally unaffected by what you say, do, or think, because it is always and directly linked to Source, God, and the Universe.
Self Healing With Reiki
Lay down in a comfortable position, arms and legs relaxed in savasana.
Allow your eyes to close and for your mind to relax.
Imagine that a golden light is being poured into you through the top of your head.
Allow this golden light to fill up every cell in your body, intending for reiki to fill your body.
Notice any tingling in your hands, as your Ki resides here.
Bring your hands overhead and allow the energy to flow down from your hands over your body like a golden shower of light.
Allow the reiki to fill up every single inch of your body and soul.
Thank the energy for being there.