FLOW: A Body Movement Mix By DJ Tess

We sat down with our good friend DJ Tess to discuss music, movement, and Onzie. Check out her interview below, along with the Body Movement Mix she made just for us! 


O: What does being an Onzie goddess mean to you?
T: Onzie fits on my body like my skin. It gives me even more permission to be myself. My highest vibration comes when I feel the most loving of myself and believing that my art matters to the world.

O: Favorite mantra of the moment?
T: "Keep going." This has been my mantra for the past few years and it’s been so helpful. There is no textbook for our lives or how to discover and pursue our passions. The one thing I can absolutely identify is that those that are successful kept working towards success in the absence of knowing exactly how to do it or what it looked like.

O: What kind of music inspires you?
T: My answer is less genre-specific and more about my personal emotional response to music as a whole. I’m attracted to dynamic and dramatic sounds— heavy kick drums, a funky bass line that you can feel inside your gut, creamy rich poetic vocals, horns that take you to another place in time... It doesn’t matter the tempo or style of sound per se, but a certain type of 'future nostalgia’ is a sound or feeling I find myself looking for.


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O: What is your favorite way to move your body?
T: I love to stretch. It feels like I can get in touch with potential energy stored in my body when I can execute a good and thorough stretch. And of course— dancing. I’m looking forward to a lot of danceable moments in the future. I miss a long DJ set where I can get lost in the music and let my body move on its own.

O: What are your favorite self-love practices?
T: Eating well makes me feel like I am most taking care of myself. Food is medicine, so I really work towards a healthy, protein and vitamin-rich diet to keep my brain sharp and clear. I also love a good hot bath (with lavender bath oil!) to destress.

O: What is your favorite Onzie piece?
T: Overall, the high-waisted biker shorts! And Onzie high-waisted anything really. The leopard print makes me feel so fierce and fit! I also have a Shortie body suit that I’ve had for years and always pull out every summer.

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