Gemini Season Horoscopes - All Signs

Gemini Season 
May 21st - June 21st


Aries- Let your social butterfly soar free, as Gemini season awakens you from your cocoon. You’ll be extra chatty and in the mood to gather up your gang and attend local events. Share your ideas and get your message out there in the social webs too!


Taurus- As you come down the mountain from your birthday high, you will be excited to get back to business. Find a balance between feeling productive and enjoying the green grass around you. Try making your To Do List at the park, or listening to a money strategy podcast that can help you get inspired and grounded.


Gemini- Start throwing the confetti as the sun enters Gemini for the next four weeks. You will be able to see your future much more clear as the sun aligns with some magical endeavors ahead. Look back at how far you have come and say goodbye to your past and hello to some fun birthday festivities.


Cancer- Put on your shades and big hat as you may want to retreat into the shade for the next four weeks. Tie up loose ends on projects and carve out some quiet time. Mercury and the Sun will both be in Gemini adding a team around you so you won’t be alone for too long. Soak in the support and love to get things done.


Leo- Lions survive and travel in packs and for the next four weeks it’s all about teamwork. This is a great time to be social, on and offline to share your message and mission with the world. Say yes to invitations and connect some networking dots to move your pack in the right direction.


Virgo- Ready for your dreams to come true? These next four weeks you will have the drive, focus and passion to take your dreams and create them into a solid plan. Gemini season gives you the determination you have been ready for, so believe in yourself and let the magic unfold.


Libra- Summer is just around the corner and you may start itching to book that summer getaway. The next four weeks may have you daydreaming of exotic places. Start planning a trip even if it’s months away or for a weekend on the beach with a good book. Your mind will be ready to explore new ideas and culture to revitalize your soul.


Scorpio- Deep deep down the intimacy hole you go! This is a great time to focus on your deepest relationships and communicate about all the things, from your dreams to what triggers you. After these four weeks are over you will come out stronger and more secure in who you are. This is what growing up is all about, facing our shadows with vulnerability.


Sagittarius- The sun will be holding your hand for the next four weeks highlighting your partnerships. You’ll find the most support with having a kindred spirit at your side. From romance to business you’ll be eager to share and chat about where you want to aim your arrow. After this season, you'll be grateful for how far the ‘power of two’ can take you.


Capricorn- You’ll be springing into action with some healthy habits for the next four weeks. Use this motivation to organize you for success. Find a way to get your body moving with morning yoga and treat yourself to some seasonal juices while journaling your goals to get you to the top of mount Capricorn this season.


Aquarius- Get ready as the muses are coming through you these next four weeks. You’ll be feeling extra creative so get inspired by visiting your local museums, art crawls or get lost in a DIY craft project. Love and creation are one and the same, so let your heart guide you to projects and people that make your heart jump for joy.


Pisces- Home is where the heart is as the sun in Gemini lights up some cozy house projects for you. From spring cleaning to buying new bed sheets you’ll be in a nesting mood to vamp up your bungalow. This is a great time to add some plants around your home to bring the comfort of mother nature indoors to soothe your soul this season.


By @kelleyandthecomos