Meet The Women Behind Girl Powerful

(Tedi and Sonya wear the Mudra Bra and Jacquard Midi in Alvorado)
What does it mean to you to be a female entrepreneur?
Being a female entrepreneur is following your true desire to create the life you want! I have always had a passion for helping girls build self-esteem, which is why I spend every day working with tweens and teens at Girl Powerful™. It feels amazing to know that my sister, Tedi, and I created a mental health tool that impacts the lives of thousands of girls across the US. You can see our work at
How do you enable women in your community to rise to their full potential?
I practice what I preach so other women in our community can see that if you put yourself first and are proud of who you are, you can take the first step towards practicing self-love. I always encourage women to stop talking negatively about themselves and start a positive conversation. If anyone wants to practice self-love and doesn't know where to start, we developed Heart Space: A 7 day guide for Cultivating Self-Love that's available via digital download at
How do you hope to see the women's movement advance in the next five years? What role do you plan to play?
In the next five years I plan to continue to grow GirlPowerful™ and give girls access to our social and emotional learning curriculum so they have the tools to set goals, manage their emotions and build confidence. That way Gen Z will be able to ask for what they deserve, know how to negotiate and have positive experiences in the workplace. I can already feel that men and women are stepping up to help the workplace become a more equitable environment. 
How are you celebrating women’s achievements in your workplace?
At Girl Powerful™ we are making the ultimate Tiktok dance with a #GirlPowerfulChallenge so girls can follow our account, which has positive self-love and self-care content. We also encouraged women in our community to send in videos of themselves. This video is a simple, but powerful way to demonstrate to tween and teen girls who use the platform that we value our capabilities and practice self-love, inspiring them to develop into women who do the same. Follow us at @GirlPowerfulProject!