Honoring Our Mothers

Now more than ever, we are able to truly see and appreciate our mothers and their important roles in our families and societies. Mothers are the life givers, the creators of warmth, peace, and life. They are both destroyers and creators, and are loved by all, for all they have given us.
From mother earth, to our grandmothers, moms, mother figures, and goddesses, Mother’s Day is more than just celebrating our birth mothers... it is about celebrating the incredible bond that connects the divine feminine to all living beings.
Onzie is honored to have incredible mothers on our team, and we are deeply in awe of the way in which creation energy reaches far beyond the reaches of giving birth. We pulled together our favorite ways to honor the mother and mother figures in your life for this special Mother’s Day.
Let Her Bloom 
Flowers have been a token of love and admiration for thousands of years. Different flowers symbolize different affections, and are a special way to customize the way you feel. Flora and fauna is a divine way to show love to your mom, and yourself! 
Magnolia – Love of Nature
Daisy – Innocence and Hope
Peony – Happy Life
Rose – Worthiness
Carnation – Female Empowerment
Generational Love
Healing generational wounds is something that our world is experiencing as a conscious collective. The wounds of childhood are the corner stone for much of our anxiety and behavioral issues as adults. When we are able to heal these generational traumas, we are able to not only set ourselves free in the present, but forgive our mothers for the traumas they have passed to us. When we remember that we are all goddesses, and have been suppressed for generations, we are apart of the healing process of mothers everywhere. Give the gift of forgiveness.
Give to Mother Gaia
Our lungs are the lungs of mother earth. The more we heal ourselves the more we are able to heal mother Gaia, and vise versa. This Mother’s Day, even if you are unable to plant something yourself, step outside and appreciate the beauty our earth gives us. It is truly heart healing.
Feed the Heart
One way of passing down knowledge is through cooking. Through recipes, through sharing, and through the communion of breaking read together, women have found great strength and peace in the art of nurturing. The best food is always cooked with love, so this Mother's Day, try cooking a family recipe and let the love of your mothers before you flow through your hands and into your food.
Sending love to all the Mothers today and always.
The Onzie family