International Women's Day

Onzie is a company created by women, for women.
We are honored to celebrate International Women’s Day with our tribe of women who are our friends, sisters, mothers, teachers, and greatest inspirations.
We are honoring this special day with the topic of Sacredness. To celebrate, we have created limited edition “Sacred Woman” shirts to adorn your sacred vessel and take with you on every step of your journey. 
The Onzie team headed out to the ocean in front of our Venice Beach office, to spend the sunset wrapped in the winter sun’s warm embrace and the company of the amazing spirits who make this company come alive in such an authentic way.
We brought the essentials…tarot cards, rose quartz, Palo Santo, and smudging sage, and gathered in a circle to mediate and reflect on what the word sacred means to us. The founder of Onzie, Kimberly, lead our group of women in an opening intention. We then went around and each shared what being a sacred woman means to us.
“Sacredness is about honoring your authentic voice. It is about speaking your truth, sometimes softly, and sometimes loudly, but always with love for the self.”
“Sacred women to me means lineage. To think of our mothers, and grandmothers, and great-grandmothers, and all they have endured in order for us to be here today, celebrating the freedom and power we have as women.”
“Being a sacred woman means facing the pain, rejection, and lessons in life with grace, courage, compassion, and authenticity.”
“I am a sacred woman because I gave birth to a sacred woman.”
“Sacred womanhood is loving and accepting what you do, and how you do it. Trusting in your inner compass, and your inner voice.”
Now it is your time.
We invite you to share:
What does being sacred mean to you?
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