Empowered Women Empower Women


The Age of Aquarius is upon us! Governed by the Divine Feminine, the Age of Aquarius is ruled by creativity, compassion, intuition, and emotion. The Divine Feminine is weaving its way back into our lives, through the collective consciousness rising within all of us. The call for emotional respect, creative integrity, and nurturing foundations are now taking place of rational energies and ways of thinking. Around the globe, women are stepping into their power and creating a whole new world and way of being. From politics, business, schooling, healing, and the home, the Divine Feminine Shift is taking place in all ways and in all places. This International Women’s Day, we are honoured to share the stories of female entrepreneurs who are paving the way for more sacred ways of business and creating, and what it means to be a strong, intuitive, female entrepreneur. 
Kimberly Swarth, founder and CEO of Onzie, is the driving creative force behind the Onzie brand. She is also a devoted yogi, sweat addict and entrepreneur.
“For me an important part of being a female entrepreneur is applying a mix of intuition + business. There are no limits to what a woman can do and when we use our primal powers in all creation even in the workplace - magic occurs. I am able to assert my natural female abilities to nurture, create, and care for others. I am surrounded by an amazing team both men and women that allow this to come forward. We thrive and co create together. We also have an amazing community of women in which our product thrives. Being a women and creating product for women is inspiring and continues to motivate me everyday."
Gorjana Reidel, owner and jewelry designer for Gorjana.
“I have never looked at being a woman as an obstacle. I know so many other women business owners who run their company full time, are moms, wives, daughters, involved in the community and give back. It’s incredible what we can accomplish—especially when we support one another.”  
Alana Fairchild is a world-renowned spiritual teacher and bestselling author, including oracle decks, and albums of guided meditations and sacred music.
“A woman once said to me that she didn’t want to run her own business because of the work that it took. Whilst I was impressed with her clarity, I was also struck by how blessed I felt to have a powerful and passionate purpose. 
I am a hard-working woman. I pour my heart and soul into what I do. I also realise that if I want to stay the course, I need to cultivate a discipline of switching off and engaging in self care. That requires learning to sit with the tension of what you want to have happen and what is not ready to happen yet. Sometimes you need to give yourself time to just breathe and be. I am impatient by nature, and work very quickly, so the realisation that big visions may need many years of commitment in order to manifest took me by surprise. 
Eventually when I realised that the Universe would not change itself to meet my ego’s demands, I learned to use ‘delays’ as growth edges. Every time I didn’t get what I want when I thought that I wanted or needed it, I matured in my capacity to trust and have faith in the mysteries of life. I learned that whilst my own efforts were essential, so was trust in a greater spiritual timing of things. I can honestly say that my inner soul timing has pretty much everyone around me - including myself at times - utterly confounded. Yet things will happen when they are ready to happen.
I trust that and work with it, rather than trying to push against it. Sometimes that means turning down opportunities that seem wonderful. Yet if you aren’t moving in sync with your own heart and soul, then the way will be much more difficult and you’ll lack the inner power to deal effectively with what is happening. 
My offering as one spirited and purposeful woman to another is this - trust your heart and trust your timing. Commit without hesitation to what truly moves your soul and when the path has its more challenging or unexpected moments, know that you are not meant to be a lone wolf. Give up that bullshit of believing that you have to do it all on your own. There’s a lot for you to do, yes. That doesn’t mean that there is everything for you to do. 
Learn how to delegate and trust. Lean into the connections of good people and loving spiritual presence daily. If something doesn’t work for you, step back. Figure out another way. Believe in yourself. Believe that you are good enough to create and offer something of genuine value. Know that you aren’t your job, but that who you are as a person is interconnected with your work and as you grow spiritually, the quality of your offering will evolve too.
To carve out your own path, you’ll need to learn to trust yourself and the loving spiritual wisdom that is always guiding you from within your heart. Sometimes that can be scary, but it can also be wildly liberating and actually, quite fun."
Marcia Maizel-Clarke, owner and creator of Los Angeles based jewelry line Dogeared.
Dogeared was born on the beautiful beaches of Los Angeles in 1991 when founder and creative force Marcia Maizel-Clarke, began selling her handcrafted designs at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena. A labor of love from day one, Marcia designed and handcrafted each piece to order in her tiny kitchen, while her husband, co-founder Merlin, used his graphic design skills to create the look and feel of the message cards now synonymous with Dogeared. A fierce believer in the power of words and positive energy, Marcia gave her designs a voice; assigning each piece a name and a message. Her philosophy that jewelry should be both beautiful and meaningful resonated with customers. The result was Dogeared…a brand that is all about the connections that people make with their jewelry and with each other. Marcia counts life in Southern California as her greatest inspiration, and the cool, uncomplicated nature of her designs reflect this modern, laid-back lifestyle.
Jenefer & Melissa Palmer founded OSEA with a vision to create safe, effective skincare products for the health of women, their families and our planet. Over 23 years later, our mission remains the same. By women. For women. 
"Our mission is to provide inspiration to women of all ages to pursue their vision. Our ethos is to be kind and to be strong."