Mantra of the Month

This month’s mantra comes from Lifestyle of Reverence and the reminder that the focus isn’t on weight loss but feeling great about our bodies and our lives.

It is so easy to get caught up in how the world and social media tell us we should look and how much we should weigh. Envying others’ lives and their bodies can be emotionally damaging to our souls. Rather than worrying about if you can fit into a size 2, remind yourself that everybody is different and beautiful. The biggest thing we should focus on is how we treat our bodies. Over exercising, not eating enough, or even eating too many unhealthy foods can not only make us feel bad physically, it can also make us feel bad emotionally.

When you are eating healthily and focusing on what feels good in your body, you will be surprised at how good you feel all around. Being healthy is more than exercise and weight, it’s an entire lifestyle that involves good nutrition, loving yourself and loving others. Treat your body well and do things to pamper it along the way—get a pedicure, go for a walk in nature, get a massage, etc. Start today by letting go of whatever is making you feel bad about yourself and start focusing on treating yourself better.