Meet Some Of Our Goddesses

We are in the age of the goddess. All around us, female empowerment is blooming in the world of social media, politics, girl bosses and the art of self-love. In a time of body shaming, unhealthy and restrictive diets, and a deep vocabulary of anti-self language, we have emerged as powerful and unlimited women, inspired by self-love, self-acceptance, and self-inspiration. Onzie was honored to spend the day with three influential and bad-ass women who shared with us what makes them feel comfortable in their own skin.

Let’s get to know the faces behind our Goddess Shoot!

Britney from @FittyBritttty is an angel. Literally. The moment you meet this health and fitness superstar, you feel as if you've known her forever. Her journey with living a body-conscious lifestyle is beautifully curated on her colorful blog and Instagram. She inspires us to stay true to the beautiful body we are each uniquely gifted with, and to nourish it in every possible way.

Molly of @hamnashidayoga is a yoga teacher, earth warrior, and currently pursuing her master’s degree in Psychotherapy. She is the epitome of walking the walk and talking the talk. As an intuitive yoga teacher, she is an expert at blending the mind with the body, moving from plane to astral-plane in search of inner peace and radical self-love. She does not take the word “warrior” lightly, and inspires us with her immense fire.

Jane from @unagijane is a performance artist, professional synchronized swimming soloist, and one of the most unique humans you could ever wish to meet. Jane has been a professional athlete her entire life, and has honed her craft by using her body as an artistic tool. She is constantly reinventing herself as an artist, an athlete, and a woman.

We sat down during our shoot to talk about what makes each woman feel comfortable in their own skin. It was incredible that the underlying theme to their answers was self-knowledge and self-acceptance. There was no talk about what foods to eat or what workout classes to take, but rather the inner work that is required to feel their best in the outer world. A key point is making time to find the morning routine that works best for them, so that they set up their day to be as productive and full of growth as possible. From drinking hot water with lemon, journaling, doing a morning yoga class, to a little dance party to their favorite song, self-love comes from committing the same kind of time and attention to the relationship with the self as we do with our relationships with friends, co-workers, and loved ones. These women have each had incredibly different journeys with their health and fitness, and yet each of them come back to the importance of nourishing themselves first. No matter what our outer exteriors may show, we are all connected in our search for self-love and acceptance.

Sending love from the Onzie Family to yours, goddesses. xx