Mercury in Retrograde + Full Moon in Scorpio

Mercury, the planet of communication is in retrograde from May 10th until June 3rd. This is an especially powerful time to reassess and edit the systems we use, the way we spend our resources (time, energy, and money), and revaluate how we communicate with ourselves and others. 

If things feel like they’re going wrong during Mercury in Retrograde, it is time to bring ore clarity into your communication styles. When things – from lost emails to misunderstood texts come through, they are happening not to just go wrong, but rather to show us where our weak spots are. Where we need to be more clear, more mindful, and more dedicated. 

Mercury is in the sign of Gemini – a master communicator and bringer of sometimes chaotic energy. What Gemini does best is allows one to fully be themselves. Because Gemini is the sign of the twins, this is an opportunity to explore your both shadow and light selves. To support this new flow of energy, its important to conduct subconscious deep diving and explore authentic self-expression.

The Full Moon on May 16th falls within Mercury in retrograde, as well as a full lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses are more often endings than beginnings, giving a celestial nudge towards your destiny, Sometimes surrender to what is for our highest good is necessary even if we don’t think we’re ready to let go.

This full moon falls in the sign of Scorpio. A deeply emotional water sign, Scorpio derives its power from the psychic and emotional realm. This means that this is a powerful time to go deep into your own spiritual realm, from spending the evening with your favorite mantras, cleansing your space with palo santo, and casting a spell or two, Scorpio loves an occult moment. 

Scorpio is the sign of sensuality, sex, death, transformation, and emotions. Paired with the total lunar eclipse, we are encouraging to let go of what is no longer serving us and make space for new. Coupled with the changes that Mercury in Retrograde brings to the cosmic table, this is a time to trust the process and let the editing take shape. 

Full Moon Rituals:

In the lunar calendar, the full moon signifies the fullness and ending of a cycle. This is when your energetic cup is full, and it is a space and time to edit what you want to take with you into this next season, and what you want to leave behind. This of the full moon as the stage of a snake’s life right before he sheds all his old skin. 

For a full moon ritual, try bathing in water. May it be the ocean, a river, or a lovely the bath. Allow yourself to feel weightless and enter into a state of flow. Try wearing one of our ultra-comfortable bathing suits for your full moon plunge. 

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The full moon is also a time of gratitude in bringing awareness to all the goodness the past month has brought you. Try a full moon dance party – either with a group of friends or by yourself. Put on your favorite music and dance under the divine moon. Throw on one of our super soft Biker Babe sets for the ultimate dancing outfit. 

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