Parashakti Sigalit Dance Of Liberation And Her Journey With Onzie

I will never forget my first encounter with Miriam Jacob. I was at the airport in LA on my way to go co-facilitate with Rochelle Schieck a Qoya & Dance of Liberation™ retreat in Guatemala. As I was waiting to board the plane I saw a woman dressed in the coolest Yoga outfit with earphones dancing as if nobody was watching. I thought to myself WOW my kind of fellow traveler! Little did I know that this wild, wise & free woman would be the inspiration behind my transformation. At a certain point our eyes met, and we started chatting and not surprisingly Miriam was on her way to Guatemala for the retreat. After 5 minutes of talking Miriam asked me if she could look at the tag of the yoga pants I was wearing. To be honest I thought to myself this is a bit strange although I smiled and said "sure"! With an even bigger smile Miriam proudly after checking the label said "Onzie yoga leggings"! I laughed and said "yes, these are my favorite yoga pants". Miriam giggled & the rest is history. Miriam and her daughter Kimberly Swarth are the Founders of Onzie Yoga Apparel!
Now let me share a bit about my life’s work... The path of shamanic healing began 20 years ago for me and has included extended periods of ascetic living as I’ve committed myself to a life of spiritual discipline, including a period of living in an ashram. For a long time, I felt compelled to dress conservatively, wrapping my head and covering my body as a form of energetic protection and an expression of dedication, restraint, and order. Recently, after a year of diving deeply into ritual purification when I wore only ceremonial white, I was ready for a change. The yoga pants I was wearing at the airport - a pair of flower-powered Onzie printed yoga leggings - started my journey of being more "Wild, Wise & Free"!!!
Onzie’s bright and bold patterns help me express a powerful side of myself that sometimes gets muted by the process of spiritual inquiry - the self in me that is wild, wise, free, and feminine! This embodied transformation is a type of profound metamorphosis, like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. It involves a mysterious dance of letting go of the old structures, patterns and forms that no longer serve me. Like the caterpillar hearing a call for its own rebirth my body, mind and soul dance heard a call to express the vibrancy within. A Dance of Liberation indeed. I wear my Onzie morning, noon, and night; they’re comfortable and I love that they help me seamlessly go from work to play, moving through life with an authenticity that bursting with rich color and texture.
My work involves incorporating spirit and consciousness in all aspects of my life - and I deeply appreciate the ways Onzie’s founders Miriam Jacob and Kimberly Swarth live and breathe the artistry and vision of their brand - with dignity, creativity, curiosity, and joy!
Photographer: Peter Nguyen
Make - Up: Kjord Davis/Nars
Parashakti Sigalit is the founder and creator of Dance of Liberation™, a method of movement therapy and deep process work that draws on shamanic traditions to help individuals achieve emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual integration. She has more than two decades of experience facilitating workshops, trainings, and retreats of DOL in Los Angeles, New York, Guatemala, Indonesia, Israel, and Greece.  Working on both an individual and group basis, Parashakti has successfully adapted the teachings of the Dance of Liberation as a modality for recovery from addiction, PTSD, and disordered eating. She currently works at Recover Integrity and is the Co - Founder and Spiritual Director of Sanctuary in the City. SITC is an 8 week spiritually-based evening addiction treatment program for working professionals. The curriculum is based on Parashakti's 7 Foundations integrating dynamic experiences with master healers, process groups, psycho-education, individual psychotherapy, psychiatry, and one-on-one holistic healing for people who want to address their substance abuse issues and are seeking an alternative path.
Parashakti has studied with some of the world’s most revered Masters, including Swami Sachidananda, Anna Halperin, Dr. Gabriel Cousens and Lakota Elder Wakia Un Manee. Her award-winning documentary, Dance of Liberation, produced by The Wolper Organization/Warner Bros., had its world premiere at the Sedona Film Festival and was acquired for distribution through FMTV.