Sagittarius Season Horoscopes

November 22nd - December 21st


Aries - Time to expand! This season you may travel before the holidays, sign up for a workshop or take your business on the road. You’ll be extra chatty to share what’s on your mind as you take this leap into a new adventure. Jupiter will be traveling with the Sun to bring you some extra positive vibes to this journey that may be life changing!


Taurus - It’s time to get deep. Look at the relationships around you and see what needs balance. With Mercury in retrograde in Sagittarius it’s time to talk about your deep emotions to strengthen the bonds around you. With Jupiter helping the Sun in Sagittarius, as you open yourself up to others, you will feel like magic is possible.


Gemini - Power couples is on your brain. This season will be about taking your relationships to the next level and committing to a deep level. Trust your intuition on who should stay and who needs to go in your circle. You’ll find magic as you team up and let the Universe guide you.


Cancer - Health, wealth and wellness will be in your blood this season as the holidays don’t stop you from thinking about staying true to your will power. It’s never too late to get organized and do longer morning runs or even say no to cookies at holiday gatherings. You want to prove to everyone that when there’s a will there is a way!


Leo - Love is in the air. You're ready to fill up your passion meter with creative projects and even some romantic outings. You’ll be eager to plan getaways with the one you love, or even fall in love with a new idea about how you will put your talents out there. We all love a Leo when they are fired up with true authentic passion!


Virgo - Home is where the heart is, as you will be ready to nestle down into what you call home with your close friends and family. Your ready to feel the support of your close relationships and with Jupiter and Mercury both in Sagittarius you’ll be able to have great luck communicating whatever you want to share with them to feel more at home.


Libra - Time to mix and mingle these next four weeks as you may never know who you will meet! Exciting new doors for partnerships are opening up as you will want to socialize. Use the energy of Mercury retrograde that is also in Sagittarius to help you communicate about your passion projects, ideas and people you want to be around. You never know who you will meet that may lead you down new paths for 2019!


Scorpio - As your birthday season comes to an end, it’s time to settle into how you will finish off this year. Take some time to yourself and get grounded before the holidays take full flight. Treat yourself, but don’t go overboard. With Jupiter and the Sun both in Sagittarius this gives you an extra magical dose to really look at your values and see how far you have come this year!



Sagittarius - You are on fire! This birthday season, Jupiter and Mercury join the Sun in your sign to bring some powerful positive energy your way! You are feeling free and independant and ready to shine. Start looking for ways to take you to the next level. Travel may even come up to get you to see a bigger picture for yourself.


Capricorn - Release, let go and surrender is your spiritual mantra for the next four weeks. This is the ideal time for you to release the past, declutter and find spiritual ways to heal before your season shines. You want to be ready for the spotlight, so take this time to meditate, journal and prepare for how you want to enter into your birthday as well as next year! Find your quiet space and really listen to your mind, body and soul.


Aquarius - Get ready to feel fully in your element as Sagittarius enters your home house of community, social activism and technology. It’s time to shine bright as Jupiter is also helping things really expand in your life! Online projects will be taking off and your rebellious fight to save the world will be fired up. There’s no holding you back now!


Pisces - Your career ambitions are fired up this Sagittarius season. Say Yes, to every industry event as this is your time to focus on your career and let the magic unfold. You will know exactly what to say and you might just happen to be in the right place at the right time! Time to dress for success and pop champagne!


By @kelleyandthecomos