Step Into Your Wild Side

Here at Onzie, we are big fans of the wild nature that flows through our animal counter parts. We are constantly inspired by animal’s grace, power, nurturing, and magnanimous ethos, which are the corner stone for many of our animal prints. This season, we are honored to pay homage to our animal friends and also to our human friends who have created sanctuaries around the world who not only protect, but celebrate mother earth in her purest form. With women's printed yoga leggings like “Sanctuary” our Animal Print Collection celebrate the beautiful relationship that has been cultivated between humans and animals. Onzie believes that it is our wild nature that brings true meaning and purpose to our lives. From creating, exploring new lands, and pushing our limits in the yoga studio, Onzie gear is made for all the ways that bring out your wild nature!
We’ve brought together our favorite animal sanctuaries around the world who are changing the way we relate, support, and connect with the wild.
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary - Brisbane Australia
This animal welfare accredited sanctuary is home to native species of Australia, including koalas, platypus, dingos, crocodiles, and kangaroos. Animals have been rescued from dire situations, and are raised in their natural habitats through this supportive conservation.
Sloth Sanctuary - Costa Rica  
The Sanctuary of Costa Rica is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, research, and release of injured or orphaned sloths. It is one of the oldest rescue centers for injured, orphaned and abandoned sloths in the world.
Elephant Nature Park – Thailand
Elephant sanctuaries have been a topic of much debate around the world, especially as tourism to Thailand and Bali have increased in recent years. Some conservatories are highly abusive to their elephants, making them work against their wills, separating them from their herds, and using starvation tactics for training. The Elephant Nature Park is one of the leading humanitarian sanctuary rescue center for elephants in Northern Thailand. Here Elephants live in their natural habitat and are free to live their best and most authentic lives.