Scorpio Season Horoscopes

October 23rd - November 22nd

Aries- Intimacy, privacy and alone time will be what you are craving this Scorpio season. Find quiet time to deeply connect with yourself. This will be a perfect time to take a social media break or let go of any pressures to show up. Focus on being silent so you can hear your deepest dreams and wishes.

Taurus- Teamwork is at your doorstep. As you are ready to pair up in your relationships, from romance to work projects. You don’t have to do it all yourself, as this season is about mutual sharing. Ease the tension of taking care of everything yourself and allow others to show up for you. Allow the cycle of giving and receiving to bring you into a feeling of wholeness.

Gemini- Time to focus on a healthy mind, body and soul as you team up with others to get in shape with the flowing wellness of life. A morning meditation may flow into an afternoon bike ride through the leafs into a home cooked meal of veggies. You will movative others through this season change.

Cancer- Romance and passions are on your mind as you are learning to get clear about what is speaking to your heart. Your emotions may run wild, but focus on what brings you joy and happiness. Finding a passion project that is about helping others will melt your heart and keep you focused. Flirting can be a good way to deal with all the pressure too.

Leo- The sting of the scorpion touches your home, roots and emotions for the next four weeks. Your idea of ‘home’ is spotlighted as you make room to get in touch with yourself. Journaling and cozy nights will be key to listening to your true feelings. A little decluttering and decorating maybe in store to make you feel more grounded. Add some fall magic like pumpkins, candles and marigolds to really tap into the good luck vibes.

Virgo- Speaking your truth and talking out your deep rooted emotions will be on the table for the next four weeks as you have the confidence to share what has been on your mind and heart. Use the support of your friends, family and community to help you process out your wild ideas and feelings. Speech has some of the biggest effects on the world, so close your eyes and listen to the words inside and don’t hold back as you watch the magic unfold. Manifest away!

Libra- Time to get grounded and focus on your daily routines as this scorpio season is asking you to create values and structure. This is the first season after coming down from your birthday celebration so you may be looking at the environment around you thinking about what needs to be weeded out and planted as you move forward into a new year. Add a walking meditation into your morning routine and watch your thoughts unfold into the answers you need.

Scorpio- It’s your season as you get a cosmic blast of energy! Dust off and start to prepare what you want to cultivate this next trip around the sun. Where do you see yourself next birthday season? What goals do you want to have finished? With Jupiter in your sign for two more weeks it’s time to take the leap forward into your dreams! Make a BIG birthday wish!

Sagittarius- It’s time to relax and reboot into your ‘sleepy season’ as scorpio rules your 12th house of healing and endings. Tie up any loose ends for the year, say goodbye to your old self and get lots of self care time in before the spotlight hits your birthday season. It might be best to write your younger self a letter and release your past. Journaling is a great healing tool.

Capricorn- Watch your phone and emails build up as scorpio hits your social season of networking and collaborating. Social events of all kinds will have you buzzing. This might be a good time to join a good cause or be of service and volunteer. Society needs some of that grounding capricorn energy so get out there and share with the world your gifts!

Aquarius- Get clear on your goals and aim high as this season spotlights your career and ambitions. Time to dream and take the steps to make your ideas into a reality. What do you want to achieve by the end of the year? Listen to what has been motivating you, it’s usually the cry of what needs to be changed in this world as your rebel sign loves to shake things up.

Pisces- Personal growth is on your mind as you are ready to push yourself to a higher evolution within. You won’t be able to hold back from speaking your truth this season as you now are seeing the bigger picture of what 2018 has brought you as well as your life and the world as a whole. Woah! This is a great time to study and read more to push your growth. You could even begin to plan your holiday trips as you are seeing the world at large.