Love Fed

If you were to ask me what self care is, I’d likely tell you it is the expression of self love.
To honor ones needs and desires and pursue them without shame or guilt. It’s all too easy to put everyone else’s needs first before realizing that I’m on the path to depletion.

Motherhood and entrepreneurialism has gifted me with the wisdom that in order to perform at my best, I must take time to listen deeply and nourish my number one. And yes, it’s okay to be your own number one... in fact it’s vital to recognize that you are in fact your number one. If you’re not listening to yourself there is no way anyone else can listen to you. If you’re not honoring what’s coming up for you there is no way anyone else can honor those feelings for you. If you’re not filling your cup and giving yourself what’s needed to thrive then you guessed it, there is no way anyone else can fill your cup. So be your biggest fan, don’t be ashamed to support yourself in all the ways you are being guided. And if you just don’t know where to begin, try remembering one thing that you enjoy doing and do more of that.

The impact of caring for ourselves has a ripple effect on everyone we care for. The positivity that is generated from working out, eating clean, celebrating, meditating, is contagious to those around us. Why? Because the people you surround yourself with love you, and want to see you happy and reality check, if they don’t then they aren’t your people. Happiness is seriously contagious! We all want it, it’s kind of like money, happiness is energy so when we are happy we attract more happy and spread happiness to others. Therefor, those you love thrive when you thrive. 

For all the people pleasers out there (guilty as charged) trust me, if you want to please another, please yourself first. Sure this might lead to disappointing a few but if they truly love and value you they will support you. Sometimes that means politely turning down an invite, taking some alone time, and indulging in your own company, projects, and passions.

Self care is a choice we can make throughout our day when we choose what we eat, say, watch, hear and do. There are countless ways we can give love to ourselves but my favorite is definitely through what I take into my temple (body). 
Caring for myself through intuitive eating is just one way I embody self love. It all begins with honoring a desire. So if my desire is to feel energized, light, happy and whole I need to eat food that helps support that intention. Eating intuitively and aligned with intention is a sacred act in my opinion. It’s an honoring of self and nature. Albeit most of the time the honoring is to eat clean, organic, whole foods it’s equally as important to lean into foods that bring joy such as a nostalgic treat, donut, or pizza from time to time without guilt or shame. It’s often when we get off track with our intention that we tend to beat ourselves up. Instead choose to have that treat and follow it with aligned actions toward your intention and you’ll be right where you want to be having had the best of both worlds. After all a holistic self care plan should involve fun and pleasure, wouldn’t you agree? 
And if you’re looking for more ideas here is a short list of some of my favorite ways to truly care for my number one. 

Waking up with gratitude, meditation, and intention setting.
I love using the Insight Timer App. 

Love myself the same way I love my child. Talk to myself sweetly, nurture my emotions, give/receive a hug and allow myself to cry whenever needed. Tending to my emotional self is a necessary component in self love. Your emotional self needs care too, don’t neglect it by doing all the physical and spiritual work which sometimes might feel easier to deal with. Dig deep and give yourself space and time to unearth all that doesn’t serve your highest good. Then reaffirm your marvelousness with affirmations that uplift, love, and inspire your true essence. Think Up is my go to app for affirmations. 

Forgiveness is often an overlooked part of self love and care. However, it is crucial to forgive oneself and others in order to live fully in happiness, love and strength.

Having an energizing and sustaining breakfast. 
Enjoying a hot cup of tea.

Working out or moving my body daily.

Going to work motivated and inspired.

Eating a healthy lunch to keep me going.

Expressing myself creatively.

Stepping out into nature to feel, hear, smell and appreciate being alive.

Drinking water throughout my day with appreciation.

Eating a light yet nourishing dinner a few hours before bed.

Spending time with people I love.
What are some of your favorite ways that you care for and love yourself?
For recipes and inspiration to care for and love yourself fully visit @lovefed