Good morning and HAPPY SUNDAY, sweet friends! My name is Olivia and I run the instagram “olive.eeeats” which is a health/wellness/lifestyle page wherein I inspire people of all ages to live their best lives through practicing gratitude -- I also drink a LOT of coffee, haha!


One of the most notable things about my page is that I’m a routine type of girl.  I wake up everyday at about the same time and make my bed. Then I meditate, I have my coffee and enjoy a similar type of breakfast as the day prior. This all happens whether or not I go to work. It sounds mundane, but I LOVE my life. I LOVE having a routine. 

My life hasn’t always been this structured. In general, I thrive off of spontaneity. But when I first felt the pangs of anxiety + depression in my early 20s, I realized that it was important to me to feel structure. With structure, I feel confident that my feet always have a place to land. To balance out my ~root chakra~ is foremost most important to me.

Routine looks different for everyone. I see it as a way to turn daily tasks into habit, so that I can become almost mesmerized by them and reach a deeper state of mind while enjoying them. Routine provides an anchor of predictability for me, which severely decreases my everyday anxiety!

This is what a normal morning looks like for me -- cozied up in my Onzie women's loungewear, having a homemade collagen oat-milk latte after my morning meditation. Something that I also make a routine are my morning clothes. You’ll ALWAYS find me in my joggers because they’re the softest, most comfortable pair of pants I own. The best part is that they’re cute AF, so I can always hop onto my instagram feeling ~cute and cozy~ and never have to compromise style for comfort!  

In all things, though, it‘s important to stay balanced. It used to be that if I didn’t make a workout one day, I would FLIP. Anxious thoughts would overcome me if I was thrown into an unpredictable moment during the day. Things like, having to eat out instead of at home or not making my bed in the morning. So, these days, I follow loose routines. I tweak things ever so slightly every single day so that I can feel revitalized and remember that - “change is the only constant.” I also practice deep self-compassion, cutting myself a break when things don’t go as planned.

This morning, I was planning on going to a HIIT class, but I was having too much fun reading my book on the couch. Instead of getting up during a really nice moment, I waited until I felt ready, threw on my Onzie workout outfit (*yellow bra, printed pants) and got myself ready for a really chill yoga class. This was definitely the right decision. 
Routine has changed my life, and I feel so grateful for it. My meals are similar because that’s how I like them to be. My body craves it. But these days, when I want pancakes on a Wednesday - I eat them! I hoped this inspired y’all to create a routine of your own, but to remember how to love yourself at the same time.