The 6 Best Health and Wellness Podcasts

Fortify your healthy lifestyle with this audible inspiration


Photo by Bettersunkissed

A good podcast is essential when trying to stay committed to healthy eating and an active lifestyle. Podcasters can act as cheerleaders when the going gets tough and offer solidarity when you feel like you’re the only one sticking to a strict dietary or exercise regimen. The best podcasters don’t just talk the talk of wellbeing; they walk it, and they’re honest about the times they’ve stumbled. The next time you feel discouraged or just need a morale booster, pop in your ear buds, go for a walk, and let the wisdom of these modern-day sages fill your mind with positive thoughts. 

Vibe Tribe Wellness

Millennial BFFs Becka Crowe and Rachel Hunt initially bonded on Instagram over their gluten-free lifestyles; now they share what they’ve learned about nutrition, healing, mindfulness, and self-love with listeners on their podcast. These two down-to-Earth health enthusiasts create a casual, chatting-with-your-girlfriends vibe as they discuss a wide array of topics. Expect laughter, moments of levity, and reassurance that you’re not abnormal. Episodes cover everything from “Meditation, Intentions, and Moon Cycles to “Why You Should Consider BioEnergetics (BIE) for Eliminating Sensitivities,” and “Energy Healing to Unhealthy Relationships with Food.”

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Don’t be fooled by this podcast’s title: it’s so much more than yoga. Host Andrea Ferretti, a former Yoga Journal writer and wife of yoga teacher Jason Crandell, addresses issues like the shadow side of social media and living up to your highest potential in addition to injury prevention and cross-training. Must-hear episodes include “The Good, Bad, and Ugly of the Ego with Sally Kempton, “Summer Self-Care Using Ayurveda with Niika Quistgard, and “Depression Will Talk. You Don’t Have to Listen. (And Other Lessons I’ve Learned About Depression.) 

Food Psych

Registered dietitian and nutritionist Christy Harrison believes that diet culture is a “life thief.” Her podcast focuses on making peace with food and panning those toxic “should” messages about eating and appearance that we’re bombarded with daily. Food Psych, now in its fifth season, is a podcast for every body, whether those listeners are plus-size, suffering from eating disorders, or living with disabilities, Harrison and her guests dive fearlessly into the dark, deep secrets we harbor about the way we treat and feed our bodies. Recommended episodes include “How to Make Peace with Your Belly, How to Heal From Over-Exercise and Find Joyful Movement,” and “Body Image Resilience.” 


Some come to fitness to improve health, to sculpt their bodies, or to clear their minds. Others come to it as a means of survival. On the Hurdle podcast, host and trainer Emily Abbate talks to successful people about how wellness practices helped them overcome life’s challenges. There’s something here for everyone, from hardcore athletes to new age devotees. This podcast’s vault includes conversations with all-star guests like American marathon record holder Deena Kastor, Women’s Health editor-in-chief Liz Plosser, and Barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln.

From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl®

Yoga teacher, bestselling author, and speaker Rachel Brathen is behind this inspiring podcast that reaches millions. Brathen’s voice is so soothing, just listening to her is like a form of meditation in itself. As she shares her own process of learning to open and follow her heart, she invites you to open and follow yours, too. Recent episodes include Epiphanies, Self-Care, and Being Alone; Moving Through Pain and Holding Space for Growth; and Osho Dynamic Meditation and Healing Through Feeling. 

OnBeing with Krista Tippett

Your wellbeing journey isn’t complete without time spent contemplating spirituality. Enter Krista Tippett, a Minneapolis-based journalist and theology buff whose curiosity delves into what gives our lives meaning. Guests come from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds; they’re musicians, poets, authors, scientists, and faith leaders from all over the world. Standout episodes include “Brené Brown: Strong Back, Soft Front, Wild Heart,” “Mary Karr: Astonished by the Human Comedy,” and “Elizabeth Gilbert: Choosing Curiosity Over Fear.”