The Healing Power of Essential Oils

 For thousands of years, essential oils have been used in rituals of healing, birth, death, and everything in between. Whereas in ancient times, essentials oils such as Frankincense, Oregano, and peppermint were indulgences that were only available to the very wealthy, essential oils are now available to people of all walks of life and from all over the world.
In ancient Eastern medicines, essential oils are used to increase fertility, ease muscle pain, induce sleep, alleviate menstrual cramps, and even clear up breathing passages.
To use, pour 2-3 drops into your palms and rub until warm. Apply and massage into sore muscles, tender areas, on your throat and under the nose for allergies and colds. Drop 1-2 drops into an 8 ounce of water for a refreshing addition to water.
We put together our favorite essential oils that are perfect for your everyday wellness routine.
Promotes Hair Growth
Helps with Skin Inflammation
Calming for Sleep
Relieves Anxiety, Depression, and Fatigue
Soothing for the Nervous System
Alleviates Stomach Pain
Relieves Digestive Issues
Inhibits Bad Breath
Suppresses Headaches
Natural Antibacterial
Sore Muscles
This native Australian plant is excellent for cold and allergy season.
Sinus Decongestant
Cough Suppressant
Sore Throat Spray
Immune Stimulant
Asthma Relief
Tea Tree:
This oil is native to Australia and comes from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree. It can be used as a natural hand sanitizer, helps remove pimples, helps heal cold sores, wards off insects, can be used as a natural mouthwash when diluted with water, and even as a natural deodorant.