The Mindful Bride

Wedding season is officially here!

It’s a time of immense joy and celebrating your new life together. It’s a union of hearts and families, as you begin to start your own family (fur babies included!). Weddings can also be a time of immense stress, with large wedding budgets, family issues, drama-causing bachelorette parties and growing guest lists. A new wave of mindful brides has emerged and Onzie is honored to create a Bridal Collection that celebrates the joys of marriage and celebrating with your closest friends and family. We connected with soon-to-be bride Kelly Wirht, a Venice local who has mindfully worked on planning (and enjoying) her wedding journey, while being present and grounded to the process.


Keep in mind that a wedding is just a day, try not to let it consume your life as you plan! Allow wedding planning to be a joyful experience and be open to asking for help if you begin to become overwhelmed. When feeling moments of stress, take a step back and remember that this day is about love. And when you do things with love, they are done well.

Start big and then small: work on the big details first; dress, venue, and date. Once those are done, you can allow yourself to get creative with the smaller details.

Balance is key: be sure to reward yourself with a little gift after each big accomplishment. This gift can be the gift of time... a long walk on the beach, a massage, pedicure, or your favorite smoothie or açaí bowl. Whatever it may be, celebrate each step.


Include the fiancé! Sure, some partners may want nothing to do with the planning, but more often than not, your fiancé will love to be included in little details, being asked for support, final sign off, or their honest opinion. This is a beautiful time to utilize your friendship and bond before saying “I do.”

Set Boundaries with Love

Special people will want to be a part of your special day. Come up with a game plan on who you genuinely want involved in your planning. Set boundaries with love and respect and know that it is okay to both ask for help, and to ask for space.

Mindful Magic

Remember to leave room for the spirit of love. Dedicate time for “just the two of us” moments to remember the beautiful partnership you are building. Not every couple activity during your engagement needs to be about the wedding. Go to a yoga class together, take a little day trip and talk about everything but the wedding. Stepping back will give fresh energy and fresh eyes to the process.

To all of our mindful brides and bridesmaids, this is your special time to shine. Remember to ground down, enjoy each moment, and do all things with love.