The New Normal

Take a moment and look back on the last 6 months.
Who you were, your priorities, your goals, worries, dreams, may have looked very different than they do in this moment. Through warfare, sickness, fear, and separation we have been stripped down to the essence of our cores, being asked to go inward as the external world is completely changed. But through these trying times, we have seen immense growth in the return of our humanity. What was once overlooked, like spending time in stillness, with family, on slow walks in nature, and connecting with our neighbors, is now at the foundation of our daily lives. Through this call to our inner selves, our essential needs and activities have become more mindful, more intuitive, and bathed in intuition. Without the outside world calling us with promises of “shoulds” and “woulds”, we are no longer distracted from what really matters; love. Self love, family love, nature love, world love.
As we enter into the second part of the year, we are embracing this new way of life; the new normal. As our priorities, dreams, and goals have changed, so too has the way we show up for ourselves. Here at Onzie, we believe that each day is a gift to show up as our highest selves, and we’ve compiled our favorite ways to embrace, survive, and thrive during the new normal.
Morning Routines
These have gotten both harder and easier since the pandemic. Because most people are now working from home, we are offered the leisure of having time to enjoy a morning routine. But with so much free time, or a lack of a strict schedule, it can be tempting to sleep in late and not use the morning to create the energetic foundation for the rest of your day.
Wake at the same time each day: we recommend between 6:30 and 7:30.
Morning Mantra: "Give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”
Morning Elixir: We love matcha with oat milk or lemon water with cinnamon and ACV to get the digestive system working and wake up your cells in a gentle way.
Ground Down in Nature: Even if you live in an apartment, get outside for 5 minutes – feel the earth beneath your feet and the sun on your face – reminding you that you are a part of something huge and special.
Mindful Movement: No matter where you live, your body is your first home. Daily movement, even if just 20-40 minutes, helps to drain the lymphatic system, strengthen muscles, clear up sinuses, boost metabolism and increase immunity.
Our Favorite Ways to Move: Onzie offers weekly IGTV workouts with some of our favorite teachers, known and new, from around the world! Enjoy pilates, weights, yoga flows, and HIIT workouts, all from the comfort of your home.
Walk it Out: Throw on some walking shoes, comfy women's yoga leggings and go for a neighborhood stroll. Set your sights on 2-3 miles a day, and watch as your mood and vibration increases.
End the Day Mindfully
Phones Away: Avoid the news or social media before bed. Now more than ever, it's important to stay within a loving light, especially as you drift off to sleep. 
Early to Bed: Aim to be in bed between 9-10:30 each night. The body is able to get it’s most effective sleep and repair on a cellular level from 11-2 am.
Evening Elixir: We love having turmeric tea before bed – this soothing elixir helps the body to decompress, and remove any inflammation in the body.