Tips On Maintaining Mindfulness During The Holidays

The holidays can be full of joy, but they can also be riddled by anxiety, family pressures, mindless consumption, and negative eating habits. It can become a time of excess, where we lose sight of the compassionate and mindful habits that bring us joy during the rest of the year. We’ve asked our Onzie team members how they remain mindful during the holidays, and are sharing their tips here with you!
As the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, its feels harder to fit a workout in. But a morning sweat sesh in comfy yoga wear, a yoga flow to your favorite instructor via youtube, or even a simple walk will leave your mind and body much happier. The endorphins that get released during a run or a yoga class, help reduce stress and leave you feeling better. Try to get at least 20-30 minutes a day.
It’s a time of yummy treats and homemade meals, and we can never get too much pie! Pace yourself by being mindful about what you eat, choosing smaller portions of your favorites, moderation is key. Science has proven that the first 2 or 3 bites of a meal are the most satisfying. So try away, but then stop and tap into your body to see if you really need more.  
'Tis the season for libations, so try and switch it up with sparkling water added to cocktails and win. Not only does alcohol dehydrate you, but it decreases dopamine levels and can leave you feeling depressed. Try alternating each cocktail with a full glass of water.
The holidays often bring families together that may not see each other all year. You may have very different ways of living, seeing the world, and communicating. Leave your judgments behind and view each person as complete and perfect, just as they are.
All of the stimuli of the holiday season can easily put you in a mode of constant stress. Take moments to just breathe deeper and more frequently. If you find yourself feeling spun up, stop what you're doing and take three deep breaths from your belly.
During the holidays, you regularly end up spending time with people you don't see or talk with very often. The family gatherings and office parties offer opportunities to listen in a more transformative way, to people who may need to be heard. Be mindful of the chances to listen without an agenda and be fully present.
Leave yourself time to be a human being and not just a human doing, during the holidays. Give yourself some time to do absolutely nothing.
Honor your sleep schedule. As animals hibernate, this time of year is for lots of naps and long winter’s sleep. You are gaining your energy and inner strength for the coming year of creating and doing, now is a time to simply be. During the spring and summer months, most people need between 6-8 hours of sleep. Winter months, you may feel like you need closer to 8-9. Honor your natural cycle.
In many professions, the last two weeks of the year are a sort of collective pause from the daily deluge of e-mails and meetings. This holiday, make your out-of-office message a true statement. Unplug and seriously don't check your email. Take advantage of the collective break; hopefully most everyone else is, too.
There is nothing more powerful than a grateful heart. When we are grateful for what we have in this moment, we attract even more goodness and abundance into our lives. Take a moment to mentally, spiritually, and even physically say thank you for all the grace and love you have in your life.
We are so grateful for you, and wish you the most light and loved filled holiday.
The Onzie Family