Wellness Road Trip : Coast to Coast

Along the California Coast, we are visiting our favorite wellness spots from San Diego, Los Angeles, and Ojai Valley. From aerial workshops, to vegan cafe’s at the waters edge, to a mountain top oasis, we have your California Summer road trip planned out!
San Diego
Trilogy Sanctuary
Along the ocean, you can find a beautiful retreat for your mind and your belly. Trilogy Sanctuary is a place that encourages balance and healing through mind, body and spirit. Nourishing your life, from the inside out. This vegan cafe is also a yoga + aerial studio, that excites all aspects of your life. We love the perfect tacos and the almond milk smoothie.
Saffron & Sage
Stop by Saffron & Sage for an afternoon of healing. From Acupuncture, energy therapy, nutritional therapy, and spiritual direction this beautiful little well-being oasis is a must while in San Diego.
Los Angeles
Ceremony Meditation 
If you need a break from the crazy Los Angeles energies, head to Ceremony Meditation. From their beautifully curated store to their outdoor meditation zen garden, this is a staple in the Venice Beach Community.
Lake Shrine
This sacred space is nestled along PCH. With a temple, lake, waterfalls, and even a portion of Gandhi’s ashes, this beautiful park is a place to connect deeply to Mother Earth and spirit.
Meditation Mount 
A meditation center in service of humanity, founded in 1971. Situated on acres of lush mountain tops in the Ojai Valley, the gardens of Meditation Mount overlook all of Ojai. They have beautiful meditation rooms, a Buddhist temple, and tranquil gardens to wander for hours. Come for full moon ceremonies, astrology sessions, creative workshops, and donation based meditation classes. Find your center and ground down with nature.
The Ranch House  
This charming restaurant began in one of the first houses built in the Ojai Valley in 1875, and was strictly vegetarian. They grow fresh herbs and vegetables that are used from farm to table.
Started by a husband and wife, the Ranch House has been voted as one of americas most romantic restaurants. Fall in love with the simple, beautiful, and natural ingredients that make your heart, mind, and soul feel at home. We recommend coming for sunset, so that the hummingbirds and butterflies come to say hello. Start with the beet tartar with fresh ricotta and homemade vegetable chips, followed by the squash blossom salad and roasted portobello with seitan hash.