Will You Heal, or Will You Grow?

July 27th, 2018 / Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius Channeled Energy Report
By Kelley and the Cosmos


“Coming together is the beginning;
Keeping together is the process;
Working together is success.”
- Edward Everett Hale



We may feel like we are dancing with the wind as we welcome this Lunar Full Moon Eclipse. The time has come as we are ready to evolve in every area of our life: our home, our relationships, our career and ourselves! We are craving a new journey and learning that change may look scary, but it is greatly needed to push us a little more in the direction of our dreams. With this shift comes new increased standards for our inner and outer worlds. Expect more for yourself and the world around you, as this Aquarius Full Moon eclipse calls forth the “We Can” strength in all of us. 

Eclipses bring strong karmic energy as they take a double dose of new and full moon energies; release and manifest. The events that happen during this time are considered karmic for they are creating huge shifts in our lives that push growth and evolution. Whether you’re ready or not. They will bring up triggers that you must learn to release, as well as give you signs of what is flowing to push you to grow. Growth can lead us to a more beautiful world.

This is the second eclipse out of three of this cycle that is taking place between June 12th and August 11th. This will be one of the longest eclipses of this century lasting 1 hour and 22 minutes that is really opening us up to question, “WHO ARE WE BECOMING?” Time to get deep with who you are evolving into. The more you except change the more you are able to see who you truly are. You can see the bigger picture of your life as you learn to trust your intuition.

Take some time to honor its glory, as this moon is known as a Blood Moon because of the reddish color caused by light that is being refracted by the Earth’s atmosphere. Blood is our spiritual life force and as the moon spiritually bleeds out, it reminds us to wipe clean as we enter back into our more evolved version of ourselves to start new. It screams “This is the end of a cycle!” Ask yourself, “What is ending in my life? What do you need to let go of? How can I find my freedom?”

Use this creative rebel Aquarian energy to be a truth seeker as we push forward together. Mars is making a nasty angle this full moon that may trigger anger or frustration. This will test your emotions, remember to be kind to yourself during this cycle.

It’s time to heal and grow.


Full Moon Healing Tools 

Element - Air
I am taking deep breaths to remind myself to let go
Symbol - Flower of Life
As I speak my truth I can manifest my true desires much faster
Flower - Lavender
May I be calm while I ascend out of the chaos


Eclipse Exact @ 1:22 pm PT / 4:22 pm ET / 9:22 pm GMT / 6:22 am AEST