Yoga Around The World

As we celebrate International Yoga Month, Onzie has asked our beautiful influencers from around the world to share with us what yoga means to them in their home countries. The overwhelming synergy of their answers is that yoga is a community; it brings people from all walks of life, all fitness levels, all genders, demographics, and religious backgrounds, to create a safe place for growth, support, and enlightenment. We loved hearing international influencers share their yogic journeys and share what yoga means to them!

@shiziks - Serbia
I am sure that being a yoga teacher and practitioner in Serbia, is a lot different than in many other parts of the world. Serbia, a country of people who in the past decades have been victims of wars and massive inflation, is a part of the world that does need transformational powers of yoga. In the past few years yoga has experienced a massive expansion here.
Although yoga is used mostly for physical benefits, every day awareness of therapeutic and awakening powers of yoga are growing. Strong traditions of the country have shaped opinions of what yoga is, what it should be and who should be practicing it, and that leads to yoga being seen as a physical workout for women and older people. I am happy to see that classes are filling up with a younger population and half of them are male!
Being a yoga teacher and student in Serbia is rewarding as it means seeing the change happening with widely opened eyes, because every journey starts with a single step.

@Claudia_Casanova - Italy
I discovered the power of the yoga community in Italy. Being part of yoga family means meeting new people, finding motivation and inspiration, sharing goals, my progresses, but also my troubles, and having a place of safety and support to turn to.
In Italy, the yoga culture is growing so fast. In the last few years, the number of yoga centers has doubled, and some yoga styles like Rocket, Dharma, Power yoga, etc. are easier to find. In the main cities, like Milan, it’s easy to find yoga events, masterclasses, workshops and festivals.
I think (and I hope) that in the next years the number of yogis will increase in Italy, as already happened in some countries like the US. I love to think that people will become aware of how much yoga practice could affect their lives in a positive way. It’s not so easy to find our balance when we live in chaotic cities, and we have stressful jobs and lack of time for ourselves. I think people will understand that yoga can improve the quality of their lives.

@northernstar_yoga - Germany
Yoga has changed here in Germany from being more of a doctrine focused philosophy of life practiced by only a few individuals to a modern physical and mental practice suitable for everyone. The positive effects of a regular practice are seen as an enrichment to each individual’s personal development, regardless of religion and world views.
In some cases, yogic physical exercises and breathing practices are even recognized as part of the healing processes by western medicine and are prescribed to help with chronic illnesses.

@daniquerambo - Australia
Yoga is my time to reconnect to myself and get out of my head. It has helped me to better manage my anxiety and to form a healthy and loving relationship with my body. Yoga is my time to be here, now, and to find moments of stillness in this busy world we have come to live in.

@kimterpstra_yoga - Netherlands
Yoga challenges me, helps me grow, but also lets me back off and calm down when necessary. Yoga heals, it brings balance, silence, space and keeps me grounded. As I find my peace and center, I am able to share this with my community here in the Netherlands, and help others become their best selves. I find my meditation in the movement and let the energy flow through my body. If you listen carefully to yourself in yoga it always gives you exactly what you need. Yoga is a way of life!

@amy_yogini - Canada
Yoga to me is community. I love to practice yoga on and off the matt. I’ve been teaching yoga for a year now and I am humbled to share my practice with so many beautiful souls, not only in Canada, but around the world. As we create more space for self-love towards our self and others, we can create a more loving and accepting world. I love being able to share this passion with others and create friendships and meet people from all over the world. I feel truly blessed for this journey.