"Do what sets your soul on fire, and set the world ablaze."
Onzie’s Summer Collection is all about embodying what lights you up from the inside. We believe that when we are creating from an eternal flame, we are creating not from a place of ego, but rather from a place of pure divine connection.
Our IGNITE collection pays homage to the movement and power of the female form. Not only do we as the female gender create life from our inner fire, but we create art, music, clothing, homes, and entire conscious eco-systems that are elevating the entire level of mindfulness of the planet. 
Our newest collection is filled with bold prints, athletic silhouettes, and breathable fabrics that makes lighting the world (or yoga studio) on energetic fire all the more fulfilling.
How can you find your inner flame?
Get into a comfortable position where you can close your eyes and have 5 minutes alone. 
Breathe in deeply and exhale all that no longer serves you.
Now imagine a bright light emanating from the center of your core. Feel its warmth and life giving energy. Allow it to spill out into all of your limbs, starting in your legs and traveling all the way up into your arms, shoulders, back, neck, and finally out through the top of your head.
Allow this inner fire and light to create an auric field around you – visualize it spreading out into the room, into your entire home, out into your neighborhood, city, state, country, and finally, out into the entire world. 
Feel your infinite power IGNITE, and follow the flame wherever it may lead you.

IGNITE from The Onzie Crew on Vimeo.

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